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Visualization tools for the Web

Published: | 1 min read

I was asked on Twitter, what tools I use, or even would recommend to be used for data visualization. What an interesting and good question. I think this question deserves a more thorough answer, yet I want to give a quick one now. So this article will be updated in the coming times.

Work in progress

With this, I hope to answer the most iminent question :)


Leaflet.js logo

When I need to visualize things on a map, Leaflet.js is my go-to choice. I can easily add different map layers, and there are practically limitless possibilities for data layers to be put on top of the map. Oh, and responsiveness and mobile support out-of-the-box.


C3.js logo

When I need a chart, with nothing overly complex, I usually use C3.js, which is based on D3.js.

Visualization of any kind

D3.js logo

When I need to craft a custom and possibly complex visualizations, even with animations, D3.js is the obvious choice. Anything is possible, yet not necessarily easy at all.