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Hackathons for March 2016

Published: | 1 min read

There are some cool Hackathons here in Finland for March 2016. Here’s few of my favourites.

KONE Hackathon 2016

Today, digitalization is changing the elevator & escalator industry. A new environment, where new technologies and new business models are possible, also brings new opportunities. The Internet of Things, mobile technologies, and the advances in software all create exciting developments.

KONE will host its first-ever Hackathon event on 11-13th of March 2016.

KONE Hackathon 2016

Vaisala Open Weather Data Challenge

Interested in exploring open weather data and creating new applications that make a difference?

We are looking for curious minds to leverage weather data in innovative ways.

Vaisala Open Weather Data Challenge

Hack the Harvester

We invite all hackers, designers and forest machine enthusiasts to hack the harvester. We will take you to a visit to the Ponsse’s manufacturing factory, show harvesters in action and provide you with different APIs and data sets from the forest machines and the maintenance process. Now, Ponsse wants to build a community of tech startups and talented developers with whom co-operation can be continued.

Hack the Harvester with Ponsse