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First steps with Visual Studio Code

Published: | 1 min read

I have been using Sublime Text as my main Code Editor for years, and the development version of the major branch three from almost the beginning without having any real issues. Without having any particular reason to look elsewhere, I have heard so much positive comments about Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, that I just needed to take a peek.

Getting Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is Cross-platform and Open Source, and you can get it from The Homepage. There’s also the GitHub repository.

VSCode has a lot of built-in features, e.g. support for Node.js, and there is a growing extension ecosystem. A couple of extensions I have found useful right in the beginning:

The journey continues

For what I’m seeing so far, I like VSCode a lot. Not quite ready to migrate from Sublime fully just yet, but the day is approaching, I think.