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2019 Review

Published: | 1 min read

The year 2019 is coming to an end, and it’s good time to look back. So what did I do in 2019?

I quit my job. Then I started in a new one.

I passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification.

I read books, blog posts, news, tweets, emails, Slack messages, newspapers, magazines and other things on the internet.

I visited Sweden and Norway, and many places here in Finland.

I went walking, and running. I rode my bicycle, and car.

I bought a new computer and camera.

I started to go to gym again.

I wrote blog posts in markdown, and code in Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Terraform, Swift, yaml, json, html and css.

I wrote numerous Slack and Teams messages, quite a few emails, and more Tweets than I probably should have.

I created photographs and videos, and familiarized myself with a Fuji camera system.

I started YouTubing.

I watched YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Yle Areena and Apple TV+.

I slept, but not enough.

I listened podcasts, audiobooks and sometimes what people had to say.

I still believed, that Apple makes the best hardware and is the ecosystem I want to be in.

Those are the things I did in 2019. Maybe I forgot something relevant, but that’s ok.

Here’s to the 2020. Next decade.