Builder of things for/to/in the Cloud. Creator of pictures and videos. Explorer of minimalism. Mountain biker. Smål investor. Blogger. Learner.

This is my personal blog for organizing and sharing my thoughts on subjects of my professional and personal interests. Articles are usually written in English and sometimes in Finnish — my native tongue — in a worknotes kind of fashion.

What you can find here

I love to learn and explore. In every case, I write worknotes. In many cases I publish them here. You can expect articles at least on the following mostly technology and development oriented topics.

  • Python
  • JS (Node.js, React)
  • Serverless development
  • Low-code solutions
  • iOS/iPadOS Shortcuts
  • APIs
  • Workflow automation
  • Zsh and shell scripting
  • Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Reading and listening reviews


You can find me on